Using the SQL Builder Tool ColdFusion Help

The SQL Query Builder tool enables you to create a CFQUERY, complete with the SQL query, through a graphical interface. To create a query, follow this procedure:

1. Right-dick the data source that you would like to build a new query
2. Select “New Query.”
3. Select the desired table
4. The Query Builder screen appears. Select and drag fields from open tables to empty cells in the column named Column
5. Notice that as you drop the new fields, the lower window, which contains the SQL statement, updates the screen to reflect the changes .
6. Add criteria (for instance, LIKE I Dr. % ‘) under the Criteria column of different fields. Click the exclamation mark 0) button in the toolbar to run the query.
7. The result of the query is displayed
8. You can then click the Copy CFQUERY to Clipboard option
9. Return to your main Studio Editing screen by closing the window. You are prompted to save the query, Give the query a name soyou can reference it later.
10. Paste your new CFQUERY code,

Now you.can create your own CFQUERY code with more complicated SQL statements by using ColdFusion Studio’s graphical SQL Builder. You never have to leave your favorite ColdFusion IDE!

Posted on November 14, 2015 in Using CFQuery and SQL to Interact with the Database

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