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Creating Cold Fusion applications doesn’t stop with inserting tags and functions. You will most likely spend a good portion of your time debugging your code, validating it, and checking it for other problems such as spelling and broken links. In this section we will discuss some tools that will assist you in these tasks.


ColdFusion Studio provides an interactive debugger that can be used to:
• Set breakpoints and watches
• Evaluate variables and expressions
• Step through lines of code
• Investigate the code stack
• Monitor record sets
• Observe variables in all scopes

Because we have limited space and the Studio Help files are so thorough, we will direct you to the proper place in the Help files to find detailed information about the debugging tool:
1. Click the Help tab in your Resource tab and make sure that the Help Reference Tree is selected in the toolbar at the top of the tab.
2. Open the Developing Web Applications with ColdFusion book and read Chapter 7, “Debugging and Troubleshooting.” .
3. Double-click the Using the Interactive Debugger in Coldf’usion Studio page to begin your exploration of this feature.


See the “Jag Validation and the Validate Current Document Button” section of this chapter for information on ~alidation techniques in Studio.

Spelling and Grammar Checker

Anyone who has used a word-processing computer pn gram is probably familiar with the Spelling and Grammar checking options available to them in those programs. Studio also gives you access to these tools; select either option from the Tools toolbar.

Verify Links

One of the most annoying things about surfing the Web’is coming upon broken links. Furthermore, having broken links on your Web site is embarrassing and unprofessional. Studio provides you with a Verify Link checker that can help you avoid these common butpainful pitfalls. Take the following steps to verify the links on your
Web site.

1. Open the document for which youwould like to verify links.
2. Click the Verify Links button on the Tools toolbar. A window appears above the Studio status bar and the Debugging toolbar that lists all the links in the active document.
3. Click the Start Link Verification icon on the new window to begin the link verification process, If the link is verified, you will see a green check next to the link, If it does not pass, you will see a red X.

Posted on November 17, 2015 in Cold Fusion Studio

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