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Using ColdFusion Studio, you can build a SQL query without leaving the integrated development environment (IDE) for the Cold Fusion development system. One of the tools available to you is the SQL Query Builder, which enables you to view the database schema and construct and test SQL operations for inclusion in your templates. This chapter has demonstrated the basics of retrieving and manipulating data in a database. You should now be able to program your own SQL statements to retrieve records from one or more tables in a database. ColdFusion Studio’s SQL query builder allows you to build more complex queries without having to learn more advanced SQL techniques. In the SQL query builder, you can visually create the joins between tables (similar to Figure 10.1) and select fieldnames that you want to retrieve. It also allows you to specify sorting orders, filtering cnTena, and so on. It then dynamically builds the SQL statement for you. This tool is extremely useful and timesaving, and it produces SQL that should be operable with most databases.

Setting Up the Connection to the Data Source

ColdFusion Studio uses the Database Connection Manager in the ColdFusion Server to connect to remote data sources. Connection to these data sources requires authentication. lit order to connect to your ColdFusion data sources, you should follow these procedures:

1. Click the Database tab on the lower-left side of the Studio screen,

2. Click the pull-down menu as shown in Figure 10.21 and select localhost, You can add an additional RDS as well.

3. The Enter RDS Security Information dialogue box is displayed  Enter the password to access the ColdFusion data sources.

4. Click OK to set the password.
You now should be able to see all of your configured data sources and use the SQL Builder tool.

Posted on November 14, 2015 in Using CFQuery and SQL to Interact with the Database

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