Managing Session Management and Cookies ColdFusion Help

Session management relies on the CFID.and (FTOKENvalues that are normally set as client cookies to keep track of a client’s session variables in the server RAM. Please refer to for a brief overview of the limitations to using cookies. If upon reviewing Table 17.4 you decide that you do not want to use cookies to store the (FIO, CFTOKENa,nd/or CFGlOBAlS,then you must pass the (FIO and CFTOKEN variables to each template in your application

Passing CFID and CFTOKEN

To pass the CFIDand CFTOKENvariables to each template in your application, you should append the session variable ses s i on. URLToken to any link you are creating. In the following code you can see that sess i on. URLTOKENis passed through form fields, through hyperlinks (URLs), and by using javacript in the same way as client. URLTOKEN.


The handling of CFLOCATIONis the same for session variables as it is for client variables. Please refer to the previous section, “Client State Management and Cookies,” for more information on CFLOCATION.

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