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Although it has a diminutive name, the Little bar has some useful tools. Because most buttons on the bar are ‘self-explanatory Gust hold your pointer over the button to see its , tooltip), we will highlight only some of the more advanced and useful options.

Show Line Numbers in Gutter

SOme developers may not think very much of this option, but it is indispensable for , debugging. Because ColdFusion server error messages return a line number for the problem area, it makes life a lot easier for you if you have line numbers in the gutter turned on.

Tag Insight

Tag Insight is a tool that you shouldn’t even consider turning off. For those of you who like to type your code rather than use tag dialog boxes or wizards, Tag Insight will come in handy; To best understand how to use this tool, take the following steps:
1. Make sure that Tag Insight is turned on in Studio, (make sure that it is depressed on the Little bar) and then open a blank document.
2. Start typing <CFQUERY and then hit the space bar and wait a second. A drop-down box listing all the attributes for CFQUERY will appear
3. Type Nand then press the Enter key. This will select the NAME attribute from the drop-down box and add it to your tag. Furthermore, it will prepare your attribute to receive a value by adding quotation marks and putting the cursor between the opening andzlosmg quotation marks. The next time you press the space bar and .wait, another drop-down list will appear, enabling you to select more attributes for your tag.
Some developers absolutely loathe this feature, and others absolutely love it. Again, like Tag Insight, you have to use it in order to see what it does,

Additional Options for Tag Insight

You do not have to use Tag Insight even if it is activated. If you keep on typing and ignore the drop-down boxes, they will go away. If you’ve already closed the tag, you can still use Tag Insight. Just put your cursor after the last attribute in the tag and press the spacebar. The Tag Insight dialog box w,illappear. You can set the time delay for when the Tag Insight boxes appear. Choose Options”> Settings from the mel}u bar and then choose the Tag Help tab in the Settings dialog box. Under the Tag Insight check box, click the Settings button to reveal the Tag Insight Settings dialog box. You can use the slider at the top of this dialog box to change the time.delay in seconds. Tag Completion.

1. Make sure that Tag Completion is turned on in Studio (make sure that it is depressed on the Little bar) and then open a blank document.
2. Start typing <CFQUERYand then type the closing> for the tag. After you type the closing> you should see the closing </CFQUERY> tag appear automatically. Tag Completion’s job is to close all your tags for you.

Automatically Closing Double Quotes, Comments, and Pound Signs

You can also have Studio automatically close double quotes, comments, and # signs by following these steps.

1. Choose Options>Settings from the menu bar and then choose the Tag Help tab in the ‘ Settings dialog box.
2. Under the’Tag Completion check box, clickthe Settings button to reveal the Tag Corppletion Settings dialog box.
3. Choose the appropriate settings from the check boxes at the log box.

Tag Validation and the Validate Current Document Button

Tag validation is useful for superficial on-the-fly validation but it does not have much depth, Take the following steps to better understand this point:
1. Make sure that Tag Validation is turned on in Studio (make sure that it is depressed on the Little bar) and then open a blank document.
2. Type <FONT WHATEVER something. If you have Tag Completion turned on, the end </FONl> tag will have appeared as you typed the end bracket of the FONT tag. Note that the red Tag Validation flag also appears in the status bar telling you that the FONT tag is deprecated in HtML 4.
3. The most important thing to note, however, is that tag validation did not pick up  that WHATEVER=” something” is not a real FONT attribute. To truly validate a tag. you must use the Validate Current Document button on’ the Tools toolbar. Click this button. A validation window will appear. Note that this validation method did pick up the bogus tag attribute.

Posted on November 17, 2015 in Cold Fusion Studio

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