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The Design pane is a problematic tool in the Studio environment. It uses the same Microsoft engine that is used in FrontPage, which is known to do strange things to templates. ‘The worst thing it does is strip out non-HTML codes from your pages! However, it is a WYSIWYG environment that enables you to easily create HfML pages.

The Design pane does come disabled by default in Studio 4.01, but if you want to enable or disable it manually, you can do so by selecting Optionse-Settings from the menu bar and selecting the appropriate check boxes in the Design tab.

Using Coding Development Tools

Most of the features discussed in the “Using the Studio Interface” section are considered coding development tools; a few other tools are accessible only from the menu bar and not from the rest of the Stun,o graphical interface. In this section we will discuss those tools-the Tag Chooser, the Expressi~n Builder, and Studio templates and wizards.

Tag Chooser

The Tag Chooser is a dialog box that gives you access to H1ML, CFML, and other tags in  a nicely organized fashion. Figure 20.16 shows the Tag Chooser interface, which can be accessed by choosing Tools :> Tag Chooser from the menu bar. The right pane of the Tag Chooser enables you to select the language and category of tags you want to view, and the left pane enables you to select a specific tag for use in your active document.

Expression Builder

.The Expression Builder is similar in concept to the Tag Chooser except it deals with ColdFusion functions, not language tags, and is a little more sophisticated. The Expression Builder is a dialog box that gives you. access to ColdFusion functions in a well-organized folder system, as shown in Figure 20.17.You can open the Expression Builder by choosing Tools>Expression Builder from the menu bar.

The Expression Builder has three panes. The top pane enables you to build an expression using the ColdFusion functions and the arithmetic operators and other items in the toolbar, and the lower two panes enable you to choose ColdFusion functions.

Studio Templates and Wizards

When you click the New button on the Standard toolbar or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+N, you are telling ColdFusion to create a new template for you based on its default template,

YO\! can also access other templates and wizards in Studio by selecting File> New from the menu par and selecting the template or wizard from the New Document dialog box.

The template and wizard names in the dialog box are self-explanatory so we will not discuss them in detail. However, take a little time to play with each of the templates and wizards to see how they can increase your productivity.

Posted on November 17, 2015 in Cold Fusion Studio

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