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Starting with ColdFusion 4.5.1, Allaire is porting ColdFusion to the Linux platform. This is a significant move designed to take advantage of the widespread popularity of Linux as a platform for Web servers. Many Linux Web server administrators have, until now, hesitated to adopt Coldfusion because of the need to deploy Windows NT, which is seen as less stable than Linux, or purchase expensive commercial Unix systems such as Solaris.

In this chapter, we will take a brief look at ColdFusion for Linux and look more closely at the two places where it differs most from ColdFusion for Windows NT: installation and database support.

An Overview of ColdFusion for Linux

ColdFusion for Linux is almost identical to ColdFusion for Windows NT, implementing almost all features found in the Windows version. It is available in both the Professional and Enterprise Editions for Linux. The primary differences between the two platforms are:
• A different installation procedure
• Different management procedures
• Support for a different set of database drivers
• Nb COM support .

In addition, ColdFusion 4.5 for Windows is currently available while version 4.5.1 for Linux (and Windows) is currently in beta testing at the time of printing. ColdFusion 4.5 is not available for Linux.
In addition, ColdFusion Studio is a Windows-only product and is not available for any Unix platform on which ColdFusion is available. However, a Windows-based Cold-Fusion Studio installation can connect to a Linux-based ColdFusion Server for remote development’ purposes.

Cold Fusion for Linux is designed to be used with RedHat Linux 6.0 or higher. Nonetheless, an advanced Linux administrator can probably make ColdFusion work on most -modern Linux distributions. The minimum requirements for ColdFusion for Linux are:
• 64 MB RAM; 128 MB recommended; 128 MB required for clustering support’
• 70 MB disk space; 100MB required for clustering support
• Apache 1.3.6 or higher; Apache 1.3.6 or Apache 1.3.9 recommended Because the current release of Coldfusion for Linux is a beta version, not all features are currently implemented or supported, although most will be by the time the final release is available for Linux. In particular, the following features are currently not supported:
• The LSParseDateTimefunction only works in the English locale.
• The CFOB]ECTtag currently only supports Java objects.
• Verity is not supported so the CFINDEXC, FS.EARCH and CFCOLLECTION Tags do not work.

Posted on November 17, 2015 in Cold Fusion for Linux

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