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Using Pound Signs Properly

When working with expressions it is important that you use pound signs (#) correctly. Pound signs haw a special meaning in ColdFusion and, although they are used frequently in templates developers often use them incorrectly or unnecessarily. Pound signs can be used to separate expressions from plain text. When expressions surrounded by pound signs are evaluated, the result…

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Using Operators

Operators are the building blocks of expressions. They enable you to combine simple values other expressions into new expressions that return values. The four types of operators based on the values they return are shown in the following list: Arithmetic Returns a number String Returns a string Decision/comparison Returns a Boolean value Boolean Returns a Boolean value Arithmetic…

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Writing Expression

Now that you have- learned to use variables and functions: you will turn to a power ful tool for leveraging them: expressions. Expressions provide a way to perform operations on one or more pieces of data. These can range from simple operations, such as addition and subtraction, to more complex operations, such as comparison and type conversion. In…

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