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Enhancing Validation with JavaScript

The Cold Fusion validation attributes you have looked at so far have addressed only forcing a field to be required and checking the data provided in text fields. At other times, however, it may be necessary to validate the data provided in other fields. For instance, you may need to check that certain combinations of dat  in check…

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Validating Form Data Using CFFORM

Nothing that you have seen so far in this chapter requires the use of ColdFusion-spedfic capabilities. For instance, all the server-side validation you did could just as easily have been done in Perl, JavaScript, or C++. Similarly, the [avaScript-based client-side validation you did requires no use of ColdFusion. However, Coldfusion provides its own mechanisms for validating form data…

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Client-Side JavaScript Validation

Server-side validation ot the sort you have considered so far is an essential part of any effective validation scheme. However, the emergence of JavaScript as a de facto standard for client-side scripting makes it possible to perform some validation at the client end before submitting the form to the server. This helps prevenrunnecessary round trips to the client…

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Validating From Data

When working with forms, you often need to validate the data in the form-that is, you need to make sure that required fields are filled in and that the data in the fields is consistent with the requirements of the application. For instance, if you have a form for inserting data into a table in a database,…

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