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Creating a Local Sharewa Archive

Up to this point in the chapter, you have looking at the CFHTIP tag from a mostly theoretical perspective. You haven’t really considered how to apply the tag to a practical application. To dose out the chapter, you are going to develop a simple but useful application that depends on the to succeed. Consider the following goal: An…

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Saving Binnary Flies

Just as you can save plain text and HI’ML downloaded from a Web server to files on the ColdFusion server, so can you save binary files. When you do this, the MIME type of the file is stored in the CFHTTP. MimeType variable. For instance, if you download a ZIP file with the following tag: <CFHITP METHOD-GET URl·’…

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The first step in understanding the CFHTIP tag is to take a quick look at its attributes. Technically speaking, the tag is quite simple with a manageable number of attributes, but this simplicity belies the range of roles that the tag can play. The following list outlines the ttributes of the CFHTT tag: URL Spcifies the URL…

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Using the HTTP Protocol.

In this chapter, you willieam how ColdFusiori can be used to access data an Web servers using the CFHTIP tag. With th,is tag you can retrieve files from Web servers, store them on the server’s hard disk, and display them in the user’s browser.In addition, it is possible to put together queries to be posted to a…

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