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Using Advanced Query Techniques

Delves into some more advanced techniques for connecting your Web site to a database optimizing your code troubleshooting your errors and improving your performance and speed. This is probably one of the more important chapters of the book. Once these techniques are mastered you will have progressed from a beginner ColdFusion developer into the Intermediate to Advanced realm of…

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Initialization takes place in Lines 4 through 9 (refer to Usting34.1). The logic here is fairly simple: If a branch to view is provided in the URL, then it should be assigned to the variable Branch. Similarly, if the root branch menu has been used and submitted, then the key selected. should be assigned to the variable Branch.…

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ACTION-‘ Set’ is a little more complicated than the previous two .actions, simply because it can be employed for two purposes: to update the value of an existing entry, or to create a new entry or key. Regardless of whether it is being used to update or create, the same four additional attributes are available when using AarON-‘…

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Using the CFREGISTRY Tag

The registry is a fundamental part of the Windows platform. Serving as a configuration database, it is central to the operation of most applications in the Windows environment and the very operating system itself. In this chapter, you will learn how ColdFusion can access and manipulate the contents of the registry by using the CFREGISTRYtag. You will start by…

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