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Generating Recipient Lists from a Query

This is where dynamic data becomes extremely useful with the CFMAIL tag. Let’s consider the guest-book list but assume that this time you want to send a form message to each person on the list Again you use the QUERY attribute of the CFMAIL tag, but you use your dynamic data in a slightly different way: In this example,…

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Using the CFMAIL Tag

The CFMAIL tag is the key to sending mail in ColdFusion. The basic mechanism is this: The structure of the e-mail (such the recipient list, the subject line, and sender) are specified as attributes to the CFMAIL tag. The content of the message is placed between opening and closing CFMAIL tags. The critical attributes used in the…

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Sending Mail

In this chapter, you are going to begin the process of looking at how ColdFusion can be used to interact with various Internet protocols including e-mail, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and the World Wide WeQ. In this chapter we will start with a discussion of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), which can be used by ColdFusion for…

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