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Managing and Logging Scheduled Events

In addition to being able to schedule events, you can also accomplish the following management tasks by using the Cold Fusion Administrator: • Editing an existing scheduled event • Deleting an existing scheduled event • Controlling the refresh interval Editing an Existing Scheduled Event The Cold Fusion Administrator provides the means to view or change the…

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Scheduling an Event with the CFSCHEDULE Tag

Using the CFSCHEDULE tag, you can schedule events as yoti did through the ColdFusion Administrator as well as perform management tasks such as deleting scheduled jobs. These management tasks are discussed later in the section “Managing and Logging Scheduled Events.” The role that the CFSCHEDULE tag will play is determined by the value of the ACTION attribute: Update Creates…

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Scheduling Events

So far in this book, you have seen the power of ColdFusion in producing sophisticated Web-based applications that can draw on multiple sources of data, including relational databases, e-mail, Web and FrP servers, and local files on the ColdFusion server. However, in all cases, these Web applications and ColdFusion templates have required that a user with a Web browser…

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