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Readmessage. CFM

• The next template you will look at is the readmessage. efm template, because this is the logical second stop for most users: After they view their inbox, they will generally attempt to read their new messages. Thistemplate simply retrieves the contents of a specified message and displays it along with a menu, as shown in Listing 22.5…

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Handling Attachments

Today’s e-mails are often much more complex than the simple text messages used in the previous examples. Particularly, e-mails today may contain attachments. Luckily, the CFPOP tag can also be used to handle MIME attachments-the standard for mail attachments-with relative ease. This is done by using the ATTACHMENTPATH attribute. This attribute specifies a path where the attachments for a…

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Displaying a Specific Message

In addition to displaying a list of messages in an inbox, it is useful to display the complete contents of a specific message. To do so, you want to use the GetA 11 value for the ACTION attribute of the CFPut’ tag. Consider our previous example, in which the list of the contents of an inbox was…

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Reading Mail

Now that you know how to send e-mail using ColdFusion, you will look at the other side of e-mail: reading e-mail from a Post Office Protocol (POP) server. POP mail servers are a common type of service offered by Internet Service Providers for users to access their inboxes. Even if corporate e-mail systems rely on other technology to deliver…

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