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Passing Parameters through a Form

The quiz that you have created still has one major problem. You may already have noticed it: A user can view the correct_answer parameter in the browser’s status bar when they pass their mouse over a link in the home. cfm file. They can also view all the parameters in the location bar of the browser when the…

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Eval.uating Variables

At this point, you have been able to do quite a bit more with ColdFusion than you could do with basic HTML, but there is still much more that you can do. Although you have been able to provide minimal feedback to users in our quiz example, you haven’t really been able to tell them how well they…

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passing data between coldfusion templates

Now that you have created your first ColdFusion template you are ready to learn how to pass values or parameters between two Coldf’usion templates. This chapter will provide a basic overview of how to pass parameters between ColdFusion templates using URLs and forms. You will also learn how to control the flow of your document through the use of…

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