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Other Types of Loop

Two other types of loops can be created using CFLOOP: collection loops that alls>wyou to loop over COM/OCOM objects and structure loops. COM/OCOM loops will be outlined in Chapter 32 “Including External Objects” and structure loops will be considered when we discuss ColdFusion’s structure functions in Chapter 14.1 Nesting Loops Loops offer an additional powerful capability: nesting. Nesting…

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Creating Additional Types of Loops

So far, you’ve learned about index loops. Index loops are the most basic type of loop and are found in every type of programming language. The CFLOOP tag however can be used to create several other types of loops. These include the following: • Conditional loops • Query loops • List loops Conditional Loops Conditional loops are…

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Loops provide a mechanism that you can use to perform repeated actions without having to write repeated sections of program codes. This concept should already be familiar: You saw basic loops when you learned how to use CFOUTPUT to produce output for each row in a query result. In this chapter you will look at loops in a…

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