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Understanding Variable Scope Issues

In this chapter especially in the discussion of the CFMODULE tag you have seen examples of the implications of variable scope even if we haven’t explicitly referred to them. The concept of scope is fairly simple Scope simply refers to the context in which a variable exists or doesn’t. In its most simple state, a variable’s scope…

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The CFMODULtaEg is based on a different concept from that of CFINCLUDEC FINCLUDE . makes it easy to reuse the same code in multiple teInflates. CFMODULE,.othne other hand, provides an easy way to develop custom tags. Building custom tags can be a complicated proce/s and is dealt with in depth in Chapter 31, “Building Custom Tags.” However, CFMODULE…

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Including Out Side Code

You’ve probably noticed by now that ColdFusion templates can grow to be much longer and more complex than the average HTML file. In addition, just as with HTML there will inevitably be sections of ColdFusion code that you will want to reuse repeatedly throughout an application or a Web site. For these reasons, you need to be able…

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