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Using the ColdFusion Administrator

You can use the Cold Fusion Administrator to change the default storage mechanism for your client variables. This change will indicate which storage mechanism is used for each application on the server unless otherwise specified within the App 1; cat; on. cfm template. When you open the ColdFusion Administrator, select the Variables option under the Server section on the…

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Understanding Details of the Application.cfm Template

Your Application. cfm template is where you define the settings for your application. The following list demonstrates various types of functionality you can code into your Application. cfm template; you can: • Enable session, client, and application management, which allows you to use session, client, and application variables • Set timeouts for the application and any sessions…

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Implementing the coldFusion Web Application Framework

The ColdFusion Application ‘Framework is a set of Cold Fusion templates that enables you to: • Maintain state by setting variables that can be accessed from any template in your application framework. • Provide custom error messages. Customized error handling is discussed in more detail in Chapter 18, “Implementing Error Control. • Enhance the security of an application.…

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