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You can use the CFTHROW tag to create your own exceptions. The exceptions created by a CFTHROW tag can be caught by CFCATCH tags with the TYPE attributes of Application, Any, or your own custom type. The general format should look like this: The following list describes each attribute that is used with CFTHROW(all attributes are optional): TYPE …

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Working with Customized Exception Handling

Since version 4, CoidFuslon has provided a more structured way of handling errors within ColdFusion templates. This new type of error handling enables you to account for specific types of errors within a specific template, without necessarily aborting the processing of the entire template. Remember that with Va1i dati on and Request types of the CFERROR tag tile processing…

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The Validation Error Template

First, creale the error template for validation errors. This tmplate”Will be called error _validation. efm and should be saved to the sybex folder in your Web server root directory. Because you want to provide useful information to the user about the specific error that has occurred, ColdFusion has provided several built-in validation error variables that you can add to…

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Implementing Error Control

In this chapter, you will learn how to customize the error messages that are displayed to your Web site users. Not only will this make it easier for users to decipher returned error messages, but the messages will also fit into the look and feel of your application. The examples in this chapter are built from those you…

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