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Searching’an Indexed Query Result'”

The principles behind searching a query set are the same as the seapplied when searching an index of documents. Keep in mind the following differences about the data stored in the columns of the search result: • The URL field is always empty. The data in the query result has nothing to do with URLs. If you…

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Creating a Search Interface

After an index is created, you can create a search interfac. Searching is don t. sing the CF SEARCH tag, which executes a search against a Verity collection. The tag returns the result as a typical ColdFusion result set that can then be worked with by using standard tags such as CFOUTPUT and CFLOOP. You can use the…

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Indexing Data

Once a collection exists, you can indev data for that collection, and this is where things get interesting. After all, having defined a collection, it still remains inert and of little use because it is not associated with any data. The indexing process does thisIndexing can be done through the Cold Fusion Administrator or by using the…

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Implementing a Search Engine

One of the most common features of today’s large Web sites is a search engine. Through a search engine, users can search for specific documents within a large number of documents on a Web site, effectively finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. ColdFusion Server leverages the power of Verity’sSearch 97 indexing engine to provide efficient, easy-to-use…

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