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Working with Dynamic Expressions

You now understand the dynamics of building a dynamic expressAdd Newion: taking a standard ColdFusion expression and converting it into a string expression by following the necessary rules of escaping quote marks within the expression. However, you still don’t know how to evaluate these dynamic expressions. The simplest why to evaluate a dynamic expression is by using the Evaluate…

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Dynamic Expressions and Strings

To build dynamic expressions, you first need to consider some dynamics of strings. Dynamic expressions are built out of string expressions. String expressions are nothing more than regular ColdFusion expressions inside a string (in other words, inside quotation marks). For instance, consider the simple expression 1+2. This can be converted into a string expression by surrounding j by quotes:…

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Evaluating Dynamic Expressions

In this chapter, you will learn about dynamic expressions. Dynamic expressions provide a way to extend the functionality of basic ColdFusion expressions. Basic ColdFusion expressions are dynamic only insofar as their values can be deteI’Illil1ed at the time of execution by the value of variables. Dynamic expressions take this.level of abstraction one level further, allowing the expression itself to…

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