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Redireding Users to Another Template

Indirectly related to controlling the flow of a template is the ability to redirect a user’s browser to another template. This is done using the CFLOCATION tag. The CFLOCATION tag takes two attributes URL Specifies the URL of the template or HTML to which the user should be redirected. ADDTOKEN Indicates if a client management token should be…

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Multiple Comparisons: CFSWITCH and CFCASE

Sometimes even a series of CFIF and CFELSEIF tags is too much to code and read and introduces inefficiencies of its own. For instance consider the situation in which a variable is t~ted against every number from 1 to 10 and a different action is taken accordingly in each Instance Using CFIF and CFELSEIF, the result looks something like…

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Controlling The Flow Of Your Templates

Until this point all your templates have been designed to execute from start to finish Without applying any decision making that could affect which tags get executed and which don’t In this chapter you will move into a new realm in your programming flow control. Flow control refers to the ability to determine which portions of a template…

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