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Integrating Scripts in a Template

The values created within a ColdFusion script are accessible within a template, just as are values created with CFSET. For instance, in the following template, the variable created within the script block is later accessible within the CFOUTPUTtag: <CFSCRIPT> myText – ‘Kello’; </CFSCRIPT> <CFOUTPUT> #myTextit </CFOUTPUT> The most important issue with scripts is that no direct way…

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Using Do-While Loops

Do-Whi1e loops do not have a direct correlation in the CFLOOPtag syntax. Rather, they, are a slight variation on the regular Whi1e loop. In many programming languages, While loops are known as Repeat-Unti 1 loops. The main difference between the While and the Whi1e loop is that the condition is moved to the end of the loop: Do Statement;…

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The Basics of ColdFusion Scripting

The Cold Fusion scripting language is really an incremental addition to the ColdFusion environment. It Simply serves as a method for bringing familiar ]avaScript-style syntax and pr’ogramming constructs into the ColdFusion environment. This doesn’t mean that ColdFusion scripting is a subset of ]avaScript, but rather it is designed to be familiar to users of these conventional scripting languages. The…

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ColdFusion Scripting

Developers who are familiar with other scripting environments for Web application development, including JavaScript and Active Server Pages, often initially think that ColdFusion doesn’t offer full-scale scripting environment. This reaction comes from ColdFusion being tag-oriented whereas more traditional scripting environments are command, function, and expression based. However, this focus on tags as the mechanism for all activity in ColdFusion…

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