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Using New ColdFusion 4.0.1 and 4.5 Features

Starting with Cold Fusion 4.0.1, the server contains numerous new functions and features: One of the new features is the ATIRIBUTE COLLEaI ON attribute. You can use this attribute to send dynamic attributes to a custom tag. To implement this feature you must first create a structure. Each element of the structure should be a name-value pair. For example:…

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Obtaining Information from a parent Tag

You have examined how a child tag can share information with a parent tag. Let’s take things a bit further and have the Chi 1d tag grab information from the Parent again if and only if the Chi 1d is being wrapped. By using the Get Base Tag Data function we will show how a child can not…

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Using Intertag Communication

The last ThisTag variable AssocAttribs brings up a whole new feature of custom tags in ColdFusion 4 and later versions. Not only can you use end tags in your development but you can also wrap custom tags with other custom tags. By itself this is not a big deal. But by using Assocxttribs the CFA5S0CIATE tag and the…

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Using Advanced Custom Tags

When ColdFusion Application Server 4 was released Allaire added new functions and tags to the core language but more importantly they added some interesting new features that directly concern custom tags. These include new ways of calling custom tags, new methods of tag interaction and other features. We will discuss each of these features in detail Using End Tags…

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Enhancing the Multiply Custom Tag

As stated earlier, the custom tag that you created can take any three numbers and multiply them. The tag will then return the result of that multiplication to the template that called it. This is fine by itself but pretty limiting. The Multiply custom tag must be sent three, and only three numbers. If anything more or less…

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Building ColdFusion Custom Tag

With the introduction of ColdFusion Application Server 3 Allaire added a powerful new feature to the core ColdFusion language: custom tags. This feature has been carried forward to the current version of ColdFusion Server version 4.5. Custom tags allow developers to create portable and powerful extensions to the language. By building a “black box” architecture developers are able to…

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