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Getting a Directory Listing

In working with the files on an FfP server, you often need to download a directory listing of files on the server to present in a ColdFusion template. You achieve this by using the ACTION=II  ” attribute, combined with the NAMEand DIRECTORYattributes. The resulting query contains the columns described in the following list: Name Filename of the…

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Maintaining Your Connections

So far, you have looked at how to establish a connection to an FfP server, but have not considered a larger issue: How to keep that connection open so that multiple file and directory operations can be performed. By default, the CFFTP tag will establish the connection requested and then promptly disconnect it. This makes the act of…

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Handling Special Cases

There are two main types of special cases that you.may face when making connections: • Handling poor-quality network connections • Connecting to servers that use nontraditional ports for FfP access Handling Poor Quality Connections The CFFTP tag provides two attributes that can be used to compensate for poor-quality network connections: TIMEOUT Specifies the number of seconds to…

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Accessing FTP Servers

In many ways, the CFFTPtag is a close relative of the CFHTTPtag that you learned about in the preceding chapter. Whereas the CFHTTPtag enables you to use the Hypertext Transfer Protecol (HITP) to access Web servers, CFFTPenables you to use the File Transfer Protocol (FfP) to access FfP servers. Many Web users don’t realize that much of the…

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